Bringing the Ocean to Society
15 Jan 2018
NOW OPEN: 2nd MARINET2 funding call opens 15 January 2018
Get access to wave, tidal, off-shore wind facilities all over Europe.

The objective of the transnational access is to offer to  users free-of-charge access to the research and testing facilities of the MaRINET2 network, in which EurOcean is a partner. Five periods of access will be organised over the lifespan of the project (2017-2021), each of them having a 6-month duration. The next one opens on 15 January 2018. A selection procedure will be organised for each of these access periods, starting with a call for proposals scheduled at least 3 months ahead of the starting date of the access period.

While waiting for the call to open, why not find out more about the MaRINET2 Virtual Access service. This service  provides access to databases and data deposition services. It will allow users conduct more robust research by increasing the quality of data they have at their disposal in specific areas.  

Details on steps for the funding call

Call Steps:

  • Call for proposals – 1.5 months
  • Selection process – 1.5 months
  • Period of access – 6 months
  • Post-access – 1.5 months

The selection process is divided in 4 major steps:

Eligibility Assessment: At first, a pre-screening of the proposals is conducted by the Transnational Access coordinator to check the compliance of the proposals with the eligibility criteria as set down by the EC Transnational Access rules. Eligible proposals are then classified by focus group as defined in the MaRINET2 project (wave, tidal, off-shore wind, electrical & grid connection and cross-cutting).

Technical feasibility assessment: The next stage is for Infrastructure Managers to assess the technical feasibility of the projects applying for access to their own facility. If a project is not technically feasible at the infrastructure then it is either passed to a facility where it is feasible, or it is rejected.  This ensures that the experts (stage 3) only receive applications that are eligible and technically feasible.

Scientific evaluation: At the third stage, a panel of experts (internal and external) evaluates the applications from the point of view of scientific content and relevance of the outcome. The expert gives ratings to the application on these two criteria.

Selection Committee: Finally a selection committee is organised to give a final decision, based on feedback provided by the Infrastructure Managers, assessments provided by the experts as well as on criteria related to allocated/remaining access time and general project management.

Access periods normally starts within a few days of the announcement of the decision made by the User Selection Board (USB) and last for a 6-month period. USB decisions are made available to the Applicants via their application workspace on the MaRINET2 website and to the Infrastructure Managers via e-mail.

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