Bringing the Ocean to Society
6 Feb 2018
It's time to turn the tide!
UPDATE: The European project RESPONSEABLE is relaunching the youth film contest on Instagram and the new deadline is 11 March.

Dreaming of summer? Everyone loves sun, sand and sea. Maybe you’re active and enjoy snorkelling, swimming or sailing. Or maybe you just like to relax and sunbathe on the beach. Whether we’re on it, in it or by it, we want to enjoy the sea, the coast, nature and wildlife without it being spoiled by pollution, waste and over development.

So can we enjoy the sea without harming the environment? Can we also protect nature and the coastal wildlife? What can we do to protect the Mediterranean and make tourism more sustainable?

Make a creative one-minute video for Instagram.

ResponSEAble wants to hear what you think. It could be about your ideas on protecting the coast and marine wildlife from waste and pollution. It could be about the places around the Mediterranean Sea which you love! Or it could be about the activities which get you close to the sea and to nature. The project will select the best ideas, the best stories and the most creative videos.

How to enter

  • Make a short one minute video about how to enjoy the ocean in a more sustainable way
  • Post on your Instagram account
  • Use the tags #myOceanLove and #SeaDialogue and 3 other tags about oceans and sustainable living
  • Set your account to public so that the contest judges can see the video
  • Tell your friends to enter too
  • Follow @respon_sea_ble (also on Twitter and Facebook)

Best of luck!