Bringing the Ocean to Society
29 Jun 2017
A New Era of Blue Enlightenment
High-Level Ministerial and Scientific event on 12-14 July 2017 in Lisbon includes a special COLUMBUS workshop.

Commissioner Carlos Moedas will host a High-Level Ministerial and Scientific event on 12-14 July 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, joined by high-level government representatives from Brazil and South Africa, as well as from the European Union.

This event will celebrate the launch of the South Atlantic Flagship Initiative between the European Union, Brazil and South Africa, aiming to better understand and protect marine ecosystems and the link between oceans and climate.

A Statement on Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Cooperation between the European Union, Brazil and South Africa is planned to be signed during the event. This Statement will build on our bilateral achievements, namely the signing of bilateral Declarations of Intent on Marine Research and Innovation Cooperation with Brazil and South Africa, and the development of the South-South Framework for Scientific and Technical Cooperation in the South and Tropical Atlantic and Southern Ocean.

The signing of this Statement will cement the ambitions for intensifying our joint cooperation areas, which include, among others:

  • Climate and ecosystem approaches;
  • Earth and ocean observation and forecasting systems;
  • Food security, fisheries management, aquaculture and biodiversity;
  • Ocean technology;
  • Human capacity building and mobility; and
  • Ocean-engaged citizens.

This Statement will realise the mutual benefits that would accrue from closely linking research activities in the South Atlantic and Southern Ocean with those in the North Atlantic. By tackling together the grand challenges and opportunities of the Atlantic Ocean as a system, exploiting the benefits it holds for our citizens, we enter a new era of Blue Enlightenment. 

Within the programme of the three-day event, the H2020 project COLUMBUS – in which EurOcean is involved – is responsible for a workshop that will take place on 12 July at the Altis Belém Hotel between 14:45 and 16:15.

Are you interested in:

  • What impact Marine Research is having on society?
  • What innovative methodologies are being used to Transfer Knowledge?
  • How we can maximise impact from Research Investments?

Then join this workshop to find out more. COLUMBUS is a flagship Blue Growth Horizon 2020 project (3 years, 4M Euros, 25 multi-disciplinary partners) intended to help capitalise on the European Commission’s significant investment in marine and maritime research by ensuring accessibility and uptake of research Knowledge Outputs by end-users: policy, industry, science and wider society.

The first part of this workshop will introduce the Knowledge Transfer methodology used by COLUMBUS and then present case studies of how the methodology has been successfully applied to EC funded projects and impact measured. Specific attention will be paid to presenting knowledge of relevance to the South Atlantic. The second part of the workshop will use an interactive methodology to explore a) the identification of capacity building needs across stakeholders (government, funding bodies, research institutions and Universities, industry) required to maximise the impact from research investments; and b) the potential of two-way knowledge transfer between Europe and South Atlantic partner countries.

Please click here to access the outline of the three-day event and here for the full info.