Bringing the Ocean to Society
20 Apr 2017
Atlantic Interactions promotes meeting in the Azores
The AIR centre R&D agenda to be defined in Terceira Island.

A high-level meeting promoted by the Atlantic Interactions initiative is taking place in Terceira, Azores, Portugal from April 20-21 to encourage the dialogue between Governments, Industry and Science, on an integrated approach to issues related to space, oceans, climate and data management.       

This event, which will be attended by more than 30 international delegations and will involve more than 200 participants, follows a series of international workshops, initiated in 2016 and promoted jointly by the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education and the- EurOcean member - FCT, with the purpose of defining an agenda for R&D for the Atlantic and for the creation of the AIR Center - Atlantic International Research Center.

The AIR Center aims to project itself as an international cooperation platform dedicated to research in the aerospace, oceans, climate change and energy, network research areas, supported by infrastructures and initiatives to attract foreign investment.

EurOcean Executive-Director, Ned Dwyer, will participate in the event as an invited speaker.

To know more about AIR please click here.