Bringing the Ocean to Society
21 Mar 2019
Participate in the evaluation of the current European panorama of research infrastructure services
Help the brand new project CatRIS to improve the visibility of services, foster international collaborations, and enhance RI accessibility, usage, and impact.

CatRIS (Catalogue of Research Infrastructure Services), a new project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, kicked off in Strasbourg on 25 January 2019. CatRIs will build an online catalogue of European research infrastructure services, with particular emphasis on physical infrastructures. This novel information gateway will help improve the visibility of services, enhance RI usage and impact, and foster European and international collaborations. 

The success of CatRIS hinges on its integration in the European RI landscape and its active engagement of the RI community, including RI managers, users from academia and industry, policy-makers, and funders. To drive this goal and build a dynamic catalogue that answers users’ needs, CatRIS is running an open consultation process.

The CatRIS survey is tailored to a wide spectrum of RI users and stakeholders. Its results will help the project identify current needs and practices in cataloguing RI services, and develop a portal that improves on both.

EurOcean is part of the project consortium and is leading the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities. We are also deeply involved in development of an open online portal that will centralise RI services in all fields of science that are currently scattered throughout the European research sphere. More news soon so stay tuned!

Take the survey!

Deadline is 19 April 2019.