The Common Good on our Common Sea
Copenhagen, Denmark | 3-5 May 2019

Organised by Justitia et Pax Denmark, Justice and Peace Europe, The Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human development, The Global Catholic Climate Movement and Stella Maris/Apostleship of the Sea.

Catholic organizations are coming together with other Christian Churches to celebrate and discuss life on, around and in the seas, which are a common heritage of all humankind. This Conference comes from a faith-based core and draws from the “integral” approach spearheaded by the encyclical letter Laudato si’ published in 2015 and shortly followed by the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Following this approach, we will encompass the perspectives from various fields including theology, policies at national and multilateral level, human rights, ecology, business and industry.

In the old seafaring capital of Copenhagen, we will host an enriching and cross-pollinating dialogue pragmatically engaging key stakeholders across sectors, hearing their visions, disseminating knowledge, sharing challenges and hope. By doing so, the Conference aims to bring an inspiring contribution to a so needed broader and sustained dialogue on our common seas; such a dialogue has to take place with an integral approach and needs also to take into consideration the wisdom and genuine principles from faith communities.

The event will give participants concrete knowledge and tools to take home to their dioceses and parishes.

You can see the invitation here. Please register here.