Bringing the Ocean to Society
31 Jan 2019

Ocean degradation continues. Regrettably, acidification, pollution and over-exploitation continue degrading this critical element for climate regulation, oxygen, food and jobs. Fortunately, worldwide awareness about the urgency to protect the ocean is unprecedented.

Marine science and technology development is essential to invert this trend and to compensate for the damage already caused. But marine research and innovation results need to reach the right audiences so that we can have the best policies, the best tools and techniques, and reach citizens that are evermore concerned and proactive.

This is the time for co-creation and green technology. The present situation does not give room for lack of coordination and individual actions, and marine environmental problems do not know physical or sectorial boundaries. Moreover, marine technology that is not conceived with environmental sustainability as an underpinning concern is no longer admissible or affordable.

EurOcean is a key player in the European marine landscape. It has a proven track record in science communication, dissemination and exploitation, and owns databases rich in information concerning marine research infrastructures and scientific initiatives. Furthermore, EurOcean comprises of a pan-European network of research, funding and outreach member organisations that contribute to the readiness of our institution to improve the global situation.

My watch has just started in EurOcean. The responsibility of my mission is as challenging as it is motivating. This is the moment to thank the EurOcean Members for the support and trust they have placed in me, and to thank Ned Dwyer, my predecessor as EurOcean’s Executive Director, for all his work and dedication. It is now up to me to take EurOcean to the next level. Although this is not an easy task, I am confident that it is a feasible one. Being surrounded by a team that has achieved so many successes in the past makes me absolutely sure of this.


By Sérgio Bryton

Executive Director