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Postdoc – bioenergetics in lower trophic aquaculture
IMR | Austevoll, Norway | Deadline: 25 Jan 2019

About the position

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) has a vacant position for a postdoctoral researcher within bioenergetics. The position will focus on the development of individual based modelling, seeking to understand environmental factors that influence production in benthic organisms at lower trophic levels. The main aims are to contribute basic ecophysiological knowledge about the organisms and to estimate carrying capacity for lower trophic aquaculture related to future scenarios for large-scale production and ecosystem impacts.

The successful candidate will be part of the Research Group for Benthic Resources and the main work place will be at the IMR research station in Austevoll (1h from IMR head office in Bergen). The candidate will also be associated with the relevant ecosystem modelling expertise in Bergen.

The position is a part of the increased IMR effort devoted to lower trophic resources in aquaculture, focusing on benthic filter feeders and macro algae. There is currently an increased focus on the use of ecological models in research, targeting processes and interactions between species and their environment and the use of models in applied science on sustainable lower-trophic aquaculture production. Individual-based models on bioenergetics and growth is a central component in this kind of modelling. The successful candidate will be part of a team working on the energetic characterization and estimation of seston quality, feeding processes, and energetics of filter-feeding benthic organisms and macroalgae. The candidate will partake in and lead experiments necessary for parameterization and development of energetic models and experience from this kind of work is required.

About the research group

The research group Benthic Resources is involved in scientific topics regarding the national advisory work done by IMR. The position is a good career opportunity for a skilled and motivated scientist wishing to be part of a productive work environment and who will find joy and inspiration from working at the leading marine research institute in Norway.

Essential qualifications:

  • PhD in marine biology or relevant field.
  • Good skills in and knowledge about programming related to simulations of individual-based bioenergetics and ecological models.
  • Good academic insight in physiology and ecology in marine environments, and experience with interdisciplinary work.
  • Experience in experimental physiology
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a group, and good cooperation skills.
  • Ability to generate, complete and publish work efficiently.

Desirable qualifications:

  • Experience with Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) modelling.
  • Experience conducting experimental work on filter-feeding organisms.
  • Experience processing results from numerical ocean models, e.g. ROMS.
  • A good understanding of ecological processes.
  • Ability to communicate well in writing as well as orally.

We offer:

  • A position at one of the leading research institutions in Europe.
  • Salary as a 1352 postdoc, according to the state salary scale.
  • A dynamic and enthusiastic work environment with good academic progress.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Membership in Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (2% gross wage deposit).
  • Good welfare scheme.

Additional information:

For more information please contact project leader Øivind Strand: (phone +47 473 08 955) or research group leader Carsten Hvingel: (phone +47 959 80 565), or see our web page

The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research is an Inclusive Workplace (IW) enterprise that wishes to ensure diversity in its workforce, and we are an equal opportunity employer. We therefore encourage all qualified candidates to apply for the vacancy regardless of age, gender, functional ability, nationality or ethnic background.

Please note that information about applicants may be made public even if an applicant has requested to be left off the list of applicants. Applicants will be notified about this in advance.

Please apply through the link at this site, enclosing a cover letter, full CV, copies of relevant recommendations and academic transcripts together with a set of relevant publications.


About us

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) is one of the largest research institutes of its kind in Europe, with approximately 1,000 employees and a wide range of research facilities and laboratories of high international standard. Our main activities are research, advisory work and monitoring. IMR owns and operates six research vessels. Our main offices are in Bergen, and we have a department in Tromsø and research stations in Matre, Austevoll and Flødevigen.

In January 2018 IMR was merged with The National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES). The new institute will be a leading supplier of knowledge relating to the sustainable management of the resources in our marine ecosystems and the whole food chain from the sea to the table.

Deadline: 25.01.2019

Location: Austevoll

Scope: Fulltime

Duration: Engagement