Bringing the Ocean to Society
29 Nov 2018
The Valletta Declaration is available for you!
Do not miss this opportunity to be involved in transnational cooperation for implementing the MSFD in the deep Mediterranean basin.

The IDEM Project is pleased to share with you, for eventual subscription, the "Valletta Declaration",  which represents a call for a transnational cooperation for implementing the Marine Strategy Framework Directive in the deep Mediterranean Basin. The Valletta Declaration is one of main outcomes of the IDEM workshop  “First assessment of the deep Mediterranean environmental status”, held at University of Malta’s Valletta Campus, on 5-7 September 2018. Following a round-table discussion,  participants call on the Mediterranean EU Member States and all the Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention, the European Commission and Parliament  to support the following actions:

  • A transnational cooperation to build synergies in research efforts, mostly when it comes to less explored southern parts of the Mediterranean basin, and especially its high seas and deep-sea regions;
  • Building capacity and standardisation of future data collected, highlighting the need for developing a wide and standardized monitoring strategy for the Mediterranean deep sea; and
  • The need for a holistic approach across the entire Mediterranean Sea, to define criteria for high-seas and deep-sea Marine Protected Areas and to collaborate with non-EU States, especially the southern and middle-eastern Mediterranean countries.

The Valletta Declaration represents an opportunity and a need to achieve or maintain the environmental status of the deep Mediterranean Sea, considering the protection of the marine resources and the conservation of the Mediterranean marine ecosystems which are tightly connected, do not follow political boundaries, and are subjected to unprecedented changes in their structure and functioning.

In a context of stakeholder involvement, we are pleased to invite you signing the “Valletta Declaration” in the name of your projects, Organisations or Institutions by writing us to idemproject@sm.univpm.it.

More details regarding the “Valletta Declaration” are available at the following links:

For any additional details please contact Giancarlo Morgana.