Bringing the Ocean to Society
26 Nov 2018
muSEAum: digital branding and marketing for sea museums
New initiative aims at improving the management performance of existing sea museums to attract more visitors and establish new partnerships.

muSEAum is a lifelong training and co-innovation research and development project in digital branding and marketing for small museums led by CICANT, a research unit of Lusófona University in Lisbon. muSEAum is exclusively financed by the EurOcean Member FCT, the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation.

The three-year-long academia-museum partnership is based on a sample of sea-themed museums, henceforth called Sea Museums of Portugal, located both in Portugal's mainland and in the Azores and Madeira islands.

Isolation, management instability, lack of financial resources, low level of professionalism in audience development are some of the challenges that many small museums all over Europe EU face. The objective of muSEAum is to generate and test an audience development model for small museums based on the coherent integration of museum branding and marketing techniques, visitor experience design, digital marketing techniques, and of a collective brand for a competitive and sustainable ecosystem of niche museums: muSEAum, Sea Museums of Portugal.

The historical relationship of Portugal with the sea has a global dimension. The sea museum concept incorporates diverse museums, sites or experiences:

  • the extraordinary Asian-Portuguese art of the Discoveries or the houses where great discoverers and adventurers lived - Gama, Columbus, Magellan or Cabral,
  • the history and sciences of navigation, seamanship, oceanography,
  • past fisheries like whale and cod; experiences such as archaeological diving, the Lisbon Oceanarium or the integration of surfing in local cultures, and 
  • the beautiful locations of the Roman garum producing factories.

The expected long-term results of the project relate to knowledge processes for the competitive exploration of museums. Through better management, communication and branding, sea museums can overcome some of their current challenges. By excelling their networking via muSEAum, the institutions can guarantee greater public awareness, increase the number of visitors, generate a stronger spirit of belonging within local communities, and stimulate new culture-history-tourism partnerships

To know more about muSEAum please get in contact with Nuno Cintra Torres from CICANT.