Bringing the Ocean to Society
5 Nov 2018
Enhancing Europe's capability in marine ecosystem modelling
Check out EMB's latest policy brief on the future of marine science.

The European Marine Board is pleased to announce the publication of EMB Future Science Brief No. 4 “Enhancing Europe's capability in marine ecosystem modelling”. This assesses the use of marine ecosystem models for environmental management and recommends ways to strengthen the existing capability for current and future policy and wider societal needs.

This publication builds on an EMB expert workshop in Plymouth on 7 July 2017 organized in collaboration with the Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research (AMEMR) 2017 Conference. See http://marineboard.eu/marine-ecosystem-modelling for more information. 

Download the new publication here.

About the Future Science Brief

Marine ecosystem models are an important analytical approach to: integrate knowledge, data, and information; improve understanding on ecosystem functioning; and complement monitoring and observation efforts. They also offer the potential to predict the response of marine ecosystems to future scenarios and to support the implementation of ecosystem-based management of our seas and ocean.

The Future Science Brief lists some key recommendations and actions to strengthen marine ecosystem modelling capability. A short fact sheet can also be downloaded from EMB website.