Bringing the Ocean to Society
18 Oct 2018
Young talent and the Blue Economy
European Parliament event discussed the future of marine graduate training in Europe

On 25 September 2018, over 50 participants and speakers from across Europe gathered in the European Parliament to discuss the future of marine graduate training. The event, called "Young Talent and the Blue Economy" was co-hosted by the SEARICA Parliamentary Intergroup and the European Marine Board (EMB).

This event followed the launch of the European Marine Board publication "Training the 21st Century Marine Professional" in April 2018, and provided an opportunity to take steps towards implementing the recommendations made there.

The outcomes highlight a mismatch between the needs of policy and industry in a changing world, and the typically more traditional approach to educating graduates within the University system. A new vision for marine graduate training in Europe is needed and it needs to look beyond the more traditional silo-based approaches to education. Capabilities of the next generation of marine scientists and engineers need to improve to work at a systems level, applying multi-disciplinary knowledge to address complex marine issues which cut across scientific, environmental and social systems.

It is necessary to examine the very complex educational landscape that currently produces professional marine experts, identify some of the key issues and challenges faced by educators, and make recommendations on how to improve marine higher educational training in Europe. The Searica Intergroup has taken the initiative to organise this conference together with the European Marine Board to discuss with representatives from the research community, the industry and students about what is needed to achieve fit-for-purpose training to ensure that the blue economy benefits from the talent of marine graduates.

Copies of the agenda, the presentations given during the event and pictures from the event can be found on the SEARICA website