Bringing the Ocean to Society
9 Oct 2018
New ocean literacy documentaries available
Check out some of the latest products of ResponSEAble.

TVE (Television for the Environment) is a non-profit documentary film production company based in London. As an organisation that brings young people into contact with the sea and promotes ocean protection, they have created a series of six short documentary films as part of the H2020 project ResponSEAble. One of them is related to tourism.

The videos are designed to help inform the public about key ocean health issues and how we as consumers can adopt ocean-friendly behaviours. They are free to watch online, and we would be eager to engage with you further to determine how effective they are at informing your viewers and inspiring sustainable behaviour change.

If you are interested in showing the films in your organisation, TVE and ResponSEAble are more than happy to provide you full broadcast quality films if you were interested.

ResponSEAble is a 16-partner European-wide research and communications project to increase awareness and understanding of ocean-health issues. We aim to inspire Europeans to take a closer interest in their oceans and to treat them with greater respect. ResponSEAble is collecting leading European marine research and local knowledge to further our understanding of human-ocean relationships and how to protect marine ecosystems and the varied economic benefits that we derive from our seas.