Bringing the Ocean to Society
5 Sep 2018
Connecting people to their Ocean
RESPONSEABLE is bringing together experts to discuss issues and options for effective ocean literacy

In collaboration with the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, the H2020 RESPONSEABLE project is bringing together a selected group of international experts to contribute to an open-access article collection on the issues and options for effective ocean literacy worldwide. It discusses:

  • Existing experiences in ocean literacy (formal and informal education for children, training for professionals, tools for raising awareness of consumers  – and of investors in the marine sectors…) and their effectiveness (from understanding better to acting differently);
  • The role ocean literacy could play (in interaction with innovation, regulation, economic incentive, social norms…) to support human capital development as key component of sustainable growth; and
  • Pre-conditions for effective ocean literacy for different sectors and target groups.
Questions relevant to ocean literacy include:
  • Which knowledge  – produced by whom  – to share and how?
  • Who to target  – and how to effectively reach those targeted?
  • How to design ocean literacy initiatives  – including by mobilizing those targeted (via living lab approaches e.g.)  – to ensure effective ocean literacy and pave the way for behavior change?
  • What are the knowledge gaps that limit our capacity to design effective ocean literacy?
As scientists, it is likely you have many more questions to offer and discuss. It is expected that contributions will:
  • Come from marine scientists, educators, training specialists, psychologists and social scientists, marine governance and sector policy specialists…;
  • Cover different seas with clear cultural and sea-connection differences  – with some experiences from outside Europe used as source of inspiration;
  • Investigate different scales  – from local to large scale such as countries or entire socio-economic value chains; and
  • Address the science-policy interface  relevant to ocean literacy, discussing how policy(ies) might be adapted to better support effective ocean literacy.

The Editorial team is constitued by Dr. Angel Borja, Dr. Francesca Santoro, Dr. Gail Scowcroft, Dr. Stephen Fletcher, and Dr. Pierre Strosser.

30 September 2018 is the abstract deadline. The manuscript's deadline is 15 December 2018.

See more information and guidelines for submissions.