Bringing the Ocean to Society
31 Jul 2018
Looking back to launch the future
Our latest Annual Report is waiting for you… and this time we ran the extra mile.

EurOcean is constantly looking for ways to reinvent itself by improving what we already do and by looking for alternative solutions where we feel there is still some room to improve. Communication-wise, in the last couple of years we re-designed all our branding material, we developed an entirely new website, and we invested more and more on disseminating what we and our Members do and what we believe is relevant within the European marine sphere.

The latest step was a full revamp of our Annual Report. Some months ago we basically questioned ourselves about everything in it. Some fruitful brainstorming followed on the basic concept, the format, the purpose, the key messages, the sort of contents we think our audience truly wants to read, and the best tone of voice to achieve it. And that was part one of the process. We also went after a brand new fresh design and tried to come up with something that we hope will catch your attention and please your eyes.

Have a look!

And don’t be shy… we love feedback! Check out the previous editions and please tell us how you feel about this new one. Enjoy the read!