Bringing the Ocean to Society
28 May 2018
Unveil the Inner Ocean of the Azores in Brussels
Exhibition and workshop on the deep sea around the Azores

Portugal comes to Brussels the week 5 to 7 June 2018. EurOcean is organizing the “Your Ocean, Your Future” event on June 6th and on the afternoon of June 7th MEP Ricardo Serrão Santos is hosting a workshop in the European Parliament entitled “Azores – Deeper Than Blue: Unveiling the Inner Ocean”. See the agenda here. This is accompanied by an exhibition which runs from the 5th to the 7th in Bar Area 3D of the European Parliament. It will be officially opened on June 5th at 5:00pm

The deep ocean is the last frontier on Earth. Only a very small part has been directly and effectively observed from the scientific point of view. Mapping of the seafloor is also far behind the resolution that is required.

However, it must be acknowledged that scientific and technological progress in deep-sea studies has been very relevant during the last decades in these fields where international cooperation is fundamental.

In the Atlantic Ocean, one of the best-studied deep-sea regions is the Azores Triple Junction and surrounding platform.  This area is considered a hotspot of biodiversity, biogeochemical and oceanographic processes.

The Azores Sea has been along the years, the focus of interest and involvement of scientists and institutions. This enabled the development of international partnerships multidisciplinary to study geology, ecology, biology, biotechnology, engineering and associated technology. The Azores Academy has itself a well- established body of scientists, technicians and laboratories that enable and cultivate national and international cooperation.

The Government of the Azores has been creating laws and guidelines based on the scientific advice, especially in what regards the protection of deep-sea habitats and biodiversity. The Azores Outermost Region of Europe became a pioneer at world level.

This event intends to introduce the work carried out in different areas of knowledge in the study of the deep- sea in the Azores by scientists and engineers during the last decades.

See the agenda here and register for the workshop  event  .