Bringing the Ocean to Society
21 May 2018
EKLIPSE open calls to build a strong Science-Policy-Society interface
Check out the project's multiple initiatives related also to European matters regarding marine biodiversity and ecosystem services.

EKLIPSE (Knowledge & Learning Mechanism on Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services) is a H2020 funded project that will set up a sustainable and innovative way of knowing, networking and learning about biodiversity and ecosystem services. The project aims at developing an open networking space for the public, policy makers, and scientists, to exchange knowledge, experience, and advice on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Marine issues and related community are part of the project’s focus.

A large part of the EKLIPSE budget is made available to the wider community through Open Calls so that policy-makers and other societal actors can tell what they need, and can discuss how to best meet their needs to make better decisions. EKLIPSE regularly invites proposals from groups and/or individuals via different types of calls:

  • Calls for Requests
  • Calls for Experts
  • Calls for Knowledge
  • Calls for Tenders or Support
  • Calls for Capacity Building Events

Currently, the EKLIPSE open calls that relate to the marine sphere include:

2ndCALL for Nominations for Members of Knowledge Coordination Body

Deadline 15 June 2018

EKLIPSE is inviting applications to join the Knowledge Coordination Body (KCB) until October 2019. The KCB organises and accompanies the knowledge synthesis processes within EKLIPSE. The KCB also coordinates other tasks required to set up a self-sustaining mechanism for evidence-based and evidence-informed policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Do you have expertise and interest in enhancing the Science Policy Interface? Would you like to contribute to policy‐relevant processes? Do you want to contribute to the selection of policy relevant requests to be addressed? Are you interested in collaborating in a trans‐disciplinary and multi‐cultural setting?

Then please express your interest in participating at:

 http://www.eklipse-mechanism.eu/open_calls where you will find a link to the online application form.

3rd CALL for Policy Requests

Deadline 30 June 2018

Policy and other societal actors are invited to identify topics or evidence needs relating to biodiversity and ecosystem services and of EU policy relevance, requiring in-depth analysis and a consolidated view from science and other knowledge holders. We particularly encourage the building of consortia representing policy, research, NGOs or individual applications from policy or other societal actors.

Interested parties – including consortia – should apply by following the rules and procedures detailed in the Call. Applications will be followed by a 6 week period to allow other stakeholders to join and start discussions around the requests that have been put to EKLIPSE. The selected requests will be announced week starting 17th September 2018 and will be publicized on the EKLIPSE website. The process of answering these requests will start thereafter.

Please put forward your request by accessing the open calls on:


2nd CALL for the organisation of Capacity Building events

Deadline 15 August 2018

Do you have an idea for a seminar, short course or other kind of training event? EKLIPSE is inviting representatives of networks, organisations, projects and other entities to submit proposals to develop capacity building events relevant to the Science-Policy-Society interface, regarding biodiversity, ecosystem services, and related challenges. EKLIPSE seeks to be responsive to community development needs across the European Union by supporting multi-national events that add value to science, policy and society.

We encourage community training providers to submit a proposal to EKLIPSE to receive support regarding the organisation, expertise and/or facilitation necessary for a successful event.

Please submit your Capacity Building Event Proposal, by accessing the open calls and application forms at:


Extended peer-review and open consultation on the methodological protocol of the EKLIPSE business request

Deadline 15June 2018

The EKLIPSE project is facilitating answering a request, put forward by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) on: How can environmental regulators support businesses to improve the outcomes of their operations for biodiversity, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises in the food and beverage sector in Europe? The Expert Working Group put together for the request, has developed a Methodological Protocol, which outlines the future working plan and will serve as the basis for the synthesis work and support the drafting of a final report/product.

This Methodological Protocol is now open for extended peer-review and open consultation, through the online form by 15th June 2018.

Should you have any questions, please contact EKLIPSE at secretariat@eklipse-mechanism.eu