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9 May 2018
International stakeholders co-produce a roadmap on Deep Sea Mining in Lisbon
The result will help to inform policy makers on what society wants should DSM ever take place.

EurOcean organised an international workshop on how to implement Responsible Research and Innovation within Deep Sea Mining. The event took place on 7 May 2018 at the Gulbenkian Foundation facilities in the centre of Lisbon and was an activity of the Horizon 2020 MARINA project.

Through the Structured Democratic Dialogue Process, a group of diverse international stakeholders identified a number of actions to address the following question:

How can RRI serve to bridge Deep Sea Mining, Sustainability and Policy?

The workshop aimed to promote a debate on whether or not it is necessary to do Deep Sea Mining, on the existing alternatives in terms of sources of raw materials and on the role of research and innovation in terms of new solutions. The event served as an opportunity to point out what are the right things to do should Deep Sea Mining ever take place as a commercial activity.

During a full-day discussion, the stakeholders presented, discussed, clustered, voted and prioritised their combined actions before producing a roadmap. This final document consists of their common vision about what are most important actions to be put into practice. The roadmap will be sent to the European Commission together with others emerging from the dozens of workshops about RRI and marine issues that MARINA has been organising.

The full set of results, reports and materials related to the workshop will be soon available through the MARINA platform. Please make sure you register to access them and to be able to network with a growing community concerned with the involvement of the entire society within the planning, development and applicability of marine research and innovation as well as the other RRI components.

This was the third and last workshop that EurOcean organised within the framework of MARINA. In January 2107, we ran a World Café with Portuguese stakeholders in Faro (Algarve) to discuss coastal tourism within a sea level rise and coastal hazards context. In March 2018, in São Miguel Island (Azores) we used that same workshop method to discuss Deep Sea Mining within the Portuguese continental shelf. This second event fed into an international scale in Lisbon in May 2018.

EurOcean is truly thankful to all the stakeholders that were part of this very enriching experience as well as to the institutions who joined forces with us in order to make sure everything went smoothly.