Bringing the Ocean to Society
31 Jan 2018
A sustainable ocean observing system for Europe is an imperative
Outcomes of the EurOcean/CNR ocean observations event are now available.

A comprehensive ocean observation system, capable of providing information to further scientific understanding, supporting ongoing monitoring requirements and responding to societal needs is seen as a requirement for Europe. This was just one of the messages that emerged from the EurOcean and CNR organised conference on ocean observation systems held in Capri on 24 October 2017.

A brief report of the day's events, including summaries of the presentations and the highlights of the round table discussions is now available.

The 30+ international audience that attended the event had the opportunity to learn about and discuss a range of topics related with some of the most relevant ocean observation initiatives in Europe at the moment. The key speakers included representatives of the European Commission, the European Marine BoardEuroGOOS, the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory and EurOcean.

The event was streamed live online and you can  re-watch here everything that took place that afternoon.

Ocean observations will be the focus of attention at the upcoming EOOS Forum in Brussels on March 8th. The subsequent EOOS Conference on November 21-23 2018 will be an occassion for in-depth discussion on the EOOS strategy and implementation plan.