Bringing the Ocean to Society
28 Sep 2017
ROV Genesis for everyone
EurOcean's member VLIZ has just released a brand-new animated video that illustrates the working and functions of their ROV Genesis.

The ROV Genesis can dive up to depths of 1300 m. During international campaigns, the ROV often roams the deep sea to explore little-known ocean margins and their corresponding biodiversity. The vehicle shoots videos and samples deep sea canyons, cold water coral reefs, carbon mounds, mud volcanos, methane seeps, etc.

Since 2015, the ROV Genesis is also deployed in the Belgian part of the North Sea, from the RV Simon Stevin, to learn more about the fauna of shallow coastal waters and to investigate shipwrecks and seafloor structures.

Please have a look at VLIZ webpages for more information or contact infra@vliz.be if you would like to make use of the ROV Genesis.  

  • Have a look at the brand-new animated video that illustrates the working and the functions of the ROV Genesis.
  • More technical specificatons about the underwater robot can be consulted on the equipment page.
  • General information about the Genesis can be read on its web page.

For more information contact infra@vliz.be