Bringing the Ocean to Society
11 Jul 2017
Coastal Engineering published the first RISC-KIT papers online as part of a Special Edition
23 new papers delivered by the project's consortium.

Twenty three papers were delivered by RISC-KIT researchers for the special issue of the journal Coastal Engineering, a new edition dedicated exclusively to RISC-KIT outcomes and applications. Three papers have been already approved and are now available online. All the other articles have been retained for peer review and are expected to be published in autumn 2017.

Have a look at the first articles just published:

“Historical analysis of storm events: Case studies in France, England, Portugal and Italy” (E. Garnier, P. Ciavola, T. Spencer, O. Ferreira, C. Armaroli, A. McIvor)

“A Bayesian network approach for coastal risk analysis and decision making” (W.S. Jäger, E.K. Christie, A.M. Hanea, C. den Heijer, T. Spencer)

“Regional coastal flood risk assessment for a tidally dominant, natural coastal setting: North Norfolk, southern North Sea” (E.K. Christie, T. Spencer, D. Owen, A.L. McIvor, I. Möller, C. Viavattene)

Stay tuned to the RISC-KIT Facebook page and Twitter channel for updates on contributions to the Special Issue. More information about Special Issue Publications and the complete overview of the articles are available in the RISC-KIT Deliverable 6.5.