Bringing the Ocean to Society
28 Jun 2017
Dive into the Most Beautiful Bays in the World!
EurOcean and international NGO are already planning 2018.

The Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World groups together under a single identity, some of  the most beautiful stretches of coastline of the planet, and in particular the bays which are a symbolic link between the ocean and the mainland. 

The activity of the Club focuses on a very pertinent issue:

How can we reconcile the attraction and the value of these fragile sites knowing that too much (or badly managed) tourism will ultimately lead to destruction of the site and consequently less interest from the public?

The interest of bays in terms of the environmental, economic, social and cultural dynamics is obvious and is the whole reason behind the Club, which has as its objective to contribute, through reflection and exchanges of its members, to ensuring that these exceptional sites will remain exceptional in years to come.

With more than 40 bays in its worldwide list of members, including 15 in Europe, the Club is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. Its presidency is held by the Bay of Setúbal in Portugal since 2016 and will be transferred in 2018 to Canada. EurOcean has recently met with the Portuguese partner – Setúbal Municipality – in order to design a collaboration plan, to include:

  • The outcomes of the participation in the UN Ocean Conference held in New York City in early June 2017;
  • The development of an international network of marine stakeholders to address specific hot topics affecting the world’s coasts and marine environment;
  • The organization of a MARINA project workshop in 2018 focusing on the difficulties of managing coastal protected areas surrounded by densely occupied areas; and
  • The promotion of activities involving citizens in the protection of the marine environment.

Please click here to know more about the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World and discover a plethora of fascinating sites around the world. And make sure you check their International Scientific Merit Scholarship on preservation and sustainability and the Competition for the Musical Theme of the Club.

And to know more about the European Horizon2020 MARINA project, in which EurOcean participates and which aims at creating efficient ways for all stakeholders, including the general public, to have a voice in the future of marine sciences, please click here.