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1 Nov 2017
XBeach 10th Year Anniversary Conference
Delft, The Netherlands | 1-3 November 2017

XBeach, an open-source nearshore morphodynamic software, developed by IHE Delft, Deltares and TU Delft, was presented for the first time 10 years ago.

To celebrate this anniversary, a free conference is being organized on the development and application of XBeach and other morphodynamic models on the world’s coasts.

This event will be held during the Delft Software Days at Deltares in Delft from Wednesday 1 November – Friday 3 November 2017, with kind sponsoring from the Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research (NCK) and Deltares.

Calls for abstracts – submit your PDF one-page abstarct by 1 September 2017 abstract to indicating one or more the following topics:


  • Hydrodynamics (wave transformation, rip currents, circulation, runup, flooding, groundwater flow)
  • Morphodynamics (storm-induced erosion, bar migration, longshore transports)


  • Sandy coasts, dunes and shorelines
  • Coral, gravel and rocky coasts and shorelines
  • Vegetated coasts and shorelines
  • Ports, waterways and ships (interaction with structures, ship-induced waves)


Numerics and validation:

  • Numerical methods
  • Boundary conditions
  • Coupling to other models
  • Field and lab observations for validation

Talks on modelling approaches other than XBeach are very much welcome!

Contributions from MSc and PhD students are encouraged.

Registration – you can register now and book accommodations (at your own expense) through the DelftSoftwareDays2017 website