Bringing the Ocean to Society
23 Jun 2017
New 2016 French Oceanographic Cruises Report
Get yourself updated on the French ocean-going facilities.

Ifremer/Sismer and UMS-Flotte are pleased to present the “French Oceanographic Cruises Report of 2016”. The document reports on the French oceanographic cruises conducted in 2016.

It was drawn up by IFREMER (an EurOcean Member) and more specifically by its SISMER (French Scientific Information Systems for the Sea) department which is in charge of managing the metadata and data produced by French research cruises.

It provides a detailed description of the role of the various players managing French ocean-going facilities and of the means to archive cruise information and oceanographic data. It presents the fleet's activity in 2016 and provides dynamic access to cruise information through the new research cruise catalogue.

For more information, please contact csr_sismer@ifremer.fr