Bringing the Ocean to Society
21 Jun 2017
How can EU Member States ease the pressure on the Arctic environment?
A new European Environment Agency report looks at how the European and Arctic environments affect each other.

The Arctic is undergoing the most rapid changes in the climate system worldwide and a new report published by the EEA provides hints on how Europe can reduce the pressure on that threatened polar environment.

Europe has contributed to the changes in the Arctic, the report states, but the European Union and its Member States can also play a positive role in several policy areas, including:

  • mitigating impacts from climate change and long-range pollution;
  • improving health and living standards in the region;
  • improving the knowledge base in support of strengthening the region’s ecosystem resilience;
  • reducing imports of natural resources from the region through a transition to a circular economy;
  • advancing sustainable management of resources; and
  • engaging actively on issues that require an international response.

To download the new EEA report please click here.

EurOcean is also a partner in the Arctic-related H2020 project INTAROS, an initiative that aims to develop a multidisciplinary integrated Arctic Observation System (iAOS).