Bringing the Ocean to Society
13 Jun 2017
Learn, discover and discuss the ocean through a new Massive Open Online Course starting this June.
Enroll now in this MOOC startinng on June 14th and learn more about our Ocean

The UN Ocean Conference in New York (5-9 June) was buzzing with plans for implementing the Ocean Sustainable Development Goal 14. Knowledge and science-based solutions have seldom been more urgent! 

Are you a professional, student, educator or citizen who aspires to use knowledge for better stewardship of our ocean? Yes? Then ENROLL NOW and explore this last great frontier on Earth. Together we can make a difference – gather friends and colleagues and JOIN TODAY!

Join us for six weeks of OCEAN LEARNING, OCEAN DISCOVERY and OCEAN DISCUSSIONS in this Massive Open Online Course starting June 14th 2017.

This is a joint initiative of the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean”, Kiel University, Germany, the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel (GEOMAR), Germany, the SDG Academy, New York, USA and the International Ocean Institute.