Bringing the Ocean to Society
9 Jun 2017
EurOcean's Voluntary Committment for the Ocean
EurOcean with the support of its members submits a voluntary commitment for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14.

As the UN organised Ocean Conference comes to a conclusion in New York, Eurocean  has added to the more than 1300 voluntary commitments made so far to implement an action that advances the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal 14. As an integral part of the preparations for this first ever UN conference on “the Ocean”, organisations were invited to make commitments for concrete actions they will implement in the coming years to address one or more of the challenges faced by the Ocean.

EurOcean has committed with its “An Ocean of Opportunities – the Professor Mário Ruivo Prize” which through a competition asks young people to confront the challenges facing us and to envisage new and innovative solutions that will support sustainable use of the Ocean for many generations to come. Such solutions might involve looking for new ways to break down negative preconceptions with respect to the ocean, new ways of engaging citizens to care and take action with respect to climate change, a new technological invention that could revolutionize the way we interact with our ocean environment, etc.

This commitment enhances and builds on the existing two editions of the prize, by aligning it with the UN´s call for action in relation "to raising awareness of the natural and cultural significance of the ocean" and "the promotion of ocean literacy and a culture of conservation, restoration and sustainable use of our ocean".

Check out the full text of the Eurocean commitment here.