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27 Sep 2017
4th Operating Specialist Wind Vessels Summit
27-28 September 2017 | Hamburg, Germany

ACI’s 4th Operating Specialist Wind Vessels Summit will be taking place in Hamburg, Germany, on 27th — 28th September 2017. The two day event will bring together key industry stakeholders from the offshore wind farm maintenance and wind farm service vessel operations industry.

The demand for renewable energy forms keeps growing. European market is constantly investing in a variety of renewable energy forms including offshore wind energy. The investments into the industry support the growth of windfarms and wind turbines. The increase in size of wind farms, size of turbines and support structures calls for a specialised fleet of vessels to install and service these wind farms. The need to transfer both equipment and manpower in a safe and efficient manner has led to demand for tougher health & safety guidelines and industry wide debate on how best to operate to increase ROI for wind vessel operators.

4th Operating Specialist Wind Vessels Conference will give in-depth analysis on operational techniques used within this specialised area, give detail on developments in safety management for the vessels and CTVs, provide direct feedback from the vessel operators and the windfarm developers on projects, as well as key insights into design features and equipment for operations, maintenance, installation and construction of wind farms.