Bringing the Ocean to Society
31 Mar 2017
The FP7 project RISC-KIT is coming to an end!
You can still register for the final conference in Delft, NL, from 5 to 7 April 2017.

The RISC-KIT Consortium will host a special conference event to mark the end of the RISC-KIT project. The conference will bring together  researchers from the RISC-KIT project, end users  and others, to discuss the latest developments in the area of coastal storm preparedness and disaster risk reduction.

The conference is scheduled to take place in Delft, Netherlands, from 5-7 April 2017.

More information on RISC-KIT here. You can register your interest in taking part by emailing info@risckit.eu. Also check out the conference page website for more information.