Bringing the Ocean to Society
27 Jan 2017
Arctic Research remains in European Spotlight
Following the kick-off meeting on January 11-12 2017 in Bergen of INTAROS (Integrated Arctic Observation System), in which EurOcean is a partner as well as its members IOPAN (Poland) , IMR (Norway) and IFREMER (France), this week Berlin is the meeting point for those involved in the kick-off of Blue-Action, a project with which INTAROS will collaborate.

Blue-Action is a four-year research and innovation project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme with €7.5 million investment. It brings together 40 organisations in 17 countries on three continents working in academia, local authorities and maritime industries.
Pooling their expertise, skills, approaches and networks, the partners aim to improve how we describe, model and predict the weather and climate on seasonal to decadal time scales in the Arctic and over the northern hemisphere. This information will allow communities and businesses in Eurasia and North America to develop and plan their activities better.

The project will provide robust and reliable forecasting for meteorological and climate services to better deliver tailored predictions and advice. This reduces the risks for the business community and enables stakeholders to create business opportunities.

More Information: http://www.blue-action.eu/