Bringing the Ocean to Society
27 Jan 2017
The survey on industry/science collaboration for polar data collection will be closing soon
The World Ocean Council (WOC) and EU-PolarNet are reaching out to the global polar and ocean business community to identify opportunities to collaborate on data collection in support of improved science and sustainable development by a SURVEY to fill in before 12 February 2017.

To advance this collaboration, the polar and ocean business community from all over the world is invited to participate in the WOC/EU PolarNet SURVEY on vessels in polar regions. If you are part of the polar and ocean business community which includes shipping but also fishing, tourism, extractive industries (minerals, oil & gas) and other activities, whether or not you are in the EU, your input to this survey will be precious.

The present survey builds on the discussions on “Polar Region Sustainable Development: Business and Science Collaboration in the Arctic and Antarctic” at the recent WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS). The survey also contributes to the WOC Smart Ocean-Smart Industries program, which is working to systematically scale up industry involvement in data collection worldwide.

Please access the consultation here