Bringing the Ocean to Society
25 Jan 2017
Founding Father and First President of EurOcean has died aged 89
It is with great sadness that we, in EurOcean, learn of the loss of Professor Mário Ruivo.

All those involved with EurOcean remember Professor Mário Ruivo in a special way as one of the Founders and First President of  this organisation (2002 - 2008). Those of us who had the privilege to meet, discuss and work with Professor Ruivo know of his committment to ocean issues and his work, right up until his last days, to keep ocean matters high on the political agenda. He was always a facinating man to speak with and had a breath and depth of knowledge on a huge range of subjects. His name will be kept alive, by EurOcean, through the organization of the Professor Mario Ruivo prize created in 2009 as recognition of his work as a pioneer on the sciences of the sea and marine research at national, European, and international level.

He was a trained biologist (Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, 1950), specialized in Biological Oceanography and Management of Marine Living Resources (University of Paris Sorbonne, Laboratoire Arago: 1951-54). He was Director of the Division of Aquatic Resources and the Environment of the Department of Fisheries of FAO (1961-74), and participated in the United Nations Conference on Human Environment (Stockholm, 1972). He was also Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO (1980-89) where he was elected Vice-President in 2003, and Invited Professor at the University of Porto / ICBAS (Course Policy and Management of Ocean). He was the President of the National Council for Environment and Sustainable Development (CNADS) and President of the Intersectorial Oceanographic Commission at the time of his death. Professor Mário Ruivo has received numerous awards, including  in 2010 when he was proclaimed Doctor "Honoris Causa" by the University of Azores, in recognition of his career achievements and in 2016 he was  awarded the European Citizens´Prize by the European Parliament 

On behalf of all EurOcean Members and the staff at the office in Lisbon, we would like to extend our condolences to Professor Ruivo´s family at this time.