Who we are and what we do
Tiago Garcia
Science Officer

Email: tiago.garcia@eurocean.org
Phone: (+351) 213 924 314

Tiago began his career in science in 2001 and his research has been mostly focused on coastal hazards. He joined EurOcean in September 2016 as a Science Officer. His role deals with the support of European projects, in particular MARINA, the science communication of the foundation, as well as the organization of events.

Tiago started his activity in the Centre for Marine and Environmental Research of the University of Algarve in Faro, Portugal. Between 2001 and 2009, he took part in a number of National and European projects dealing with coastal dynamics and integrated coastal zone management. In 2009, he entered the private sector by joining a coastal engineering consultancy based in Barcelona, Spain. His engagement to science communication got a decisive push after joining the Portuguese National Laboratory for Civil Engineering, in 2015.

Tiago has a degree in Environmental Engineering (specialization in Coastal Zone Management) and an MSc in Marine and Coastal Sciences.