Bringing the Ocean to Society
3 Dec 2019
EurOcean Skills Workshop: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Public Engagement
Lisbon, Portugal | 30 Jan 2020

Workshop Title: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Public Engagement

Date: 30 January 2020 (09:00 – 17:00)

What can I expect from this workshop: Today’s researchers and innovators face many challenges other than research and innovation itself. They must also consider various aspects, including public engagement, science education, open access, gender equality and ethics. Moreover, securing funding is increasingly depending on how well they do this.

RRI is a pragmatic way to address these challenges, as it helps in answering the following question: how can scientists, innovators, companies, NGOs, citizens, policy makers, practitioners and funders work together in the planning, execution, communication and exploitation of research and innovation, to overcome societal challenges?

This one-day workshop will give an overview of RRI, the ability to analyse a project and identify areas for improvement in what regards each of the RRI pillars, and the ability to engage the public in a project using various participatory methods.

Target audience:

  • Researchers and innovators


  • Present the RRI concept and its main pillars
  • Identify areas for improvement in specific R&I projects
  • Present examples of how RRI can be implemented
  • Present two methods for public engagement (World Café and Structured Democratic Dialogue Process)
  • Practice one method for public engagement (World Café)

After this workshop you will be able to:

  • Have a greater impact in society and being more acknowledged for it
  • Bring together the stakeholders to solve controversial hot topics
  • Contribute for a society that is more aware of science and its results
  • Foster knowledge transfer in an inclusive way across society
  • Create equal opportunities for all regardless of gender
  • Address appropriately all ethical requirements in research and innovation
  • Contribute to the development of more sustainable governance models
  • Conduct participatory methods that balance power in decision-making processes
  • Increase the competitiveness in European funding mechanisms

Price per person:

  • 175 EUR (Early Bird Registration - those enrolling until 1 PM WET December 20th, 2019) [15% discount for EurOcean Full members]
  • 225 EUR (after December 20th, 2020 and until 1 PM WET January 10th, 2020) [15% discount for EurOcean Full members]


  • 1-day in-person masterclass
  • Masterclass materials
  • Certificate of completion
  • 2 coffee breaks and lunch
  • Networking with peers


To enrol with this workshop please send an email to info@eurocean.org

The workshop has room for 15 participants and will only take place if at least 10 participants register.

The payment will be requested by EurOcean after the minimum number of participants has registered. Confirmation and payment details will be sent by email on 20 December 2019.

  1. Agenda


Organiser: EurOcean

EurOcean is the European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology. EurOcean is an independent, non-profit, scientific organization that aims to support European Marine Science and Technology advances, by fostering cooperation and information exchange among its stakeholders.

EurOcean is an information broker. It seeks, collects, analyses, enhances and disseminates data, information and knowledge that is relevant and beneficial for its members, the ocean community and society at large. EurOcean expertise includes communication, dissemination and exploitation on all fields of ocean science.

In the past two decades, EurOcean has been involved in numerous European initiatives aiming at bringing together all stakeholders towards a more sustainable society, leading the way in the implementation of Responsible Research and Innovation to marine and maritime matters.

Trainer: Tiago Garcia (EurOcean Communication Officer)

Tiago has a degree on Environmental Engineering and a MSc in Coastal and Marine Studies from the University of Algarve, Portugal. Tiago has nearly 20 years of professional experience working in public and private organizations in roles related with ocean research and innovation, including EurOcean, which he joined in 2016.

Since 2007, Tiago has been involved in stakeholder engagement initiatives and participating in European research projects concerning the connection in-between science, governance and society. Since 2015, Tiago is performing activities related with science communication. In addition, since 2016, he started implementing RRI for ocean science projects during MARINA - the only H2020 project so far on this specific topic.