Bringing the Ocean to Society
7 Nov 2019
CALL: Brilliant Marine Research Idea 2020
Deadline: 31 Dec 2019

EurOcean Member VLIZ launches a call for a "Brilliant Marine Research Ideas" intended to inspire and enable PhD students affiliated to a Flemish University or Flemish University College to execute a brilliant idea during their PhD within the frame of their research. Deadline for the submission of proposals is 31 December 2019.

With the contributions and gifts that VLIZ receives within the frame of its philanthropy activities, they want to fund marine research ideas that can contribute to solving a hypothesis-based marine research question. For the call 2020 VLIZ invited for the first time companies from the blue economy to sponsor a BMRI grant. VLIZ is honoured to announce that DEME nv sponsors 1 extra BMRI grant.
The overall budget available for the grants is (anno 2020) EUR 10.000 financed by VLIZ philanthropy and EUR 5.000 sponsored by DEME nv. Each grant has a maximum fund of EUR 5.000.
Topics of interest for the VLIZ philanthropy BMRI grants are (amongst others) pollution, ocean and human health, marine biodiversity, climate change, ocean related disasters and marine explorations. The DEME BMRI grant is linked to specific themes belonging to engineering & technology, fisheries & aquaculture sciences, economics, or biological sciences.
The grant can be used to assist PhD students in their lab and/or field work, data acquisition and analysis, visits to other institutes to use specialized facilities, acquisition of equipment or software needed for a certain analysis and so on. The fund cannot be used for personnel costs or to attend conferences.
More information and application form can be found on the VLIZ website.