Ocean DEMO second call to support ocean energy
Funding Mechanism: Interreg North-West Europe | Deadline: 31 Jan 2020

The EU-funded Ocean DEMO project just launched its 2nd call at Ocean Energy Europe Conference & Exhibition 2019 in Dublin.

The project has also awarded recommendations for support to twelve offshore renewable energy projects under its 1st call which closed in July 2019. The high number of successful applicants shows the growing demand for - and readiness to - testing innovative offshore renewable technologies at sea.

Funded by Interreg North-West Europe, Ocean DEMO is a €13m project aiming to accelerate ocean energy’s transition from single prototype to multi-device farms by providing free access to world-leading test centres: EMEC (UK), DMEC (NL), SEM REV (FR) and SmartBay (IE).

Successful applicants will receive free access to test their ocean energy products and services in real sea environments at the project’s network of test centres. Technology developers can apply for support packages to test multi-device farms or single devices able to scale up to multi-device in the future. Preference will be given to technologies ready to test by spring 2020.

Ocean DEMO’s 2nd call for applications is open until 31st January 2020. Call documents are available on the Ocean DEMO website: