Bringing the Ocean to Society
29 Aug 2019
IOPAN researchers in the North Pole
EurOcean Member contributes to extend our knowledge on the role played by the high-latitude ocean in climate change.

On 21 August 2019, scientists from the Institute of Oceanology PAS carried out ocean observations at the North Pole for the first time in the institute’s history. In the frame of European projects CAATEX and INTAROS, two physical oceanographers from the IOPAN Observational Oceanography Lab., Agnieszka Beszczyńska-Möller and Piotr Wieczorek, participate in the scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean.

Scientists from Norway, Poland, US and Canada worked together on board of the Norwegian Coast Guard icebreaker KV Svalbard during the expedition coordinated by the Nansen Center from Bergen (NERSC). The main goal of the one-month-long cruise was to deploy deep moorings in the central Arctic Ocean for year-round observations of the ocean environment.

IOPAN scientists were responsible for one of four moorings, equipped with the autonomous instruments for acoustic observations (acoustic tomography), and physical (ocean temperature, salinity, and currents, sea ice drift and draft) and biogeochemical (oceanic dissolved oxygen, pCO2 and pH) measurements in the arctic waters. Additional observations for studying ocean processes under the multiyear sea ice cover were collected at the stations located on drifting ice floes.

The IOPAN team collected microstructure measurements in the upper oceanic layer that plays a key role in the heat exchange between ocean, atmosphere and sea ice. The research expedition will end in the mid-September and collected data will contribute to extend our knowledge about the role played by the high-latitude ocean in the observed climate change that is particularly pronounced in the Arctic regions.

EurOcean is also involved in INTAROS, namely by co-leading the dissemination and communication activities. EurOcean also provides support for capacity building and engagement across a broad range of levels from international organisations to European agencies, national and local governments, communities and early career stage researchers. Other EurOcean Members (IMR, Norway; Ifremer, France) are also part of the consortium. Find out more about INTAROS!