Bringing the Ocean to Society
17 Jul 2019
Interest in EurOcean grows to unprecedented levels!
Over the last six months, EurOcean followers have increased twice as fast, after changing our social media strategy.

In 2019 we have already significantly increased our impact through Facebook. Over the last six months, EurOcean's follower increase rate has doubled. Moreover, our posts have reached an unprecedented amount of people, as per the chart below.

Thank you for following us! But do not keep us for yourself. We have plenty of friendship to give. Please, go ahead, and share us with your family, friends and colleagues. We want them to become our friends as well. We know they will appreciate our reliable and relevant information on marine science and technology as you do.

When it comes to communication, dissemination and outreach, public engagement and empowerment initiatives in marine and maritime affairs, have you ever considered EurOcean as your go-to partner?