Bringing the Ocean to Society
15 Jul 2019
New book enlightens young readers on deep sea mining
EurOcean Member CESAM in new illustrated children’s book about seabed minerals and the impacts of their exploitation through deep sea mining.

A new illustrated book, co-published by the Commonwealth, the Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative, the University of Southampton and InDeep, seeks to educate children about seabed minerals and the impacts of their exploitation through deep sea mining. Ana Hilário, from our Member CESAM, was one of the authors. 

Treasures of the Deep is a story of Phoebe, Kaira and Tevita, who descend in a submarine to the depths of the ocean, where they learn about exotic ecosystems and rich mineral deposits on the sea floor.

High concentrations of cobalt, gold, nickel, copper and other rare earth metals, fused into potato-sized nodules or built up in underwater geysers, could mean huge economic gains for countries that choose to mine them. However, the environmental impacts of such an exercise are not well understood.

This publication helps to inform and engage communities in discussions about deep sea mining. It raises questions regarding the balance between exploitation and conservation and asks the reader to consider all elements.

The aim is to demystify seabed mining, expand knowledge among school children, their teachers and families, with a factual account of the issues included at the end of the book. We hope to reveal to young readers an amazing world hidden in the deep ocean.

Treasures of the Deep is available in print and online. Copies can be made available for school libraries in the Commonwealth.

For distribution and more information, please contact:

Alison Swaddling
Adviser, Ocean Governance
Commonwealth Secretariat
Trade, Oceans and Natural Resources Directorate
Email: a.swaddling@commonwealth.int