Bringing the Ocean to Society
4 Jul 2019
Navigating the Future V sets top priorities for marine research of the next decade
The visionary report shows the priorities that ocean research (and its funding) should focus on in the coming decade.
The European Marine Board, an independent advisory body representing more than 10000 marine scientists in Europe, investigated where the biggest knowledge gaps are emerging for the sea of tomorrow. Under the presidency of the EurOcean Member VLIZ, it became clear that this knowledge is necessary to:
  • Understand the ocean in its four dimensions
  • Be able to predict tsunamis
  • Estimate the influence of different stressors on the bio-geochemistry and the marine life
  • Assess the impact that the emerging blue economy has on the functioning of the sea
The report shows the need to cooperate beyond individual research disciplines and give sustainability research the necessary attention. Finally Navigating the Future V emphasizes the possibilities that new technologies and models can offer in ‘making visible’ the most invisible part of our planet and hence in creating support for it among the wider public.

Read the full press release following the publication on the VLIZ website. Download the report, the factsheet for policymakers, as well as information graphics and animations here.