Bringing the Ocean to Society
30 May 2019
FCT develops Thematic Agenda for the Sea
Through this initiative, the EurOcean Founder and Host is promoting research and development in the areas of Marine Sciences and Technologies in Portugal.

The Portuguese R&D Agenda for the Sea aims to promote research and development in the areas of Marine Sciences and Technologies, taking into account the values of the national scientific and technological community, the particular conditions and challenges that differentiate the positioning of Portugal in the Atlantic.  

The agenda is based on the reflection on four dimensions of reflection in order to reach challenges and lines of research and innovation relevant to the country in a medium and long term perspective (2030):

  • Integrated knowledge of the oceans;
  • Marine resources;
  • Global changes and natural and man-made hazards; and
  • Oceans and society.

The document on the pre-final version of the Thematic Agenda for Research and Innovation for the Ocean is now available here (in Portuguese).

FCT is responsible for the development of fifteen Thematic R&I Agendas, which aim in particular to mobilize experts from R&D institutions and companies to identify challenges and opportunities in the Portuguese scientific and technological system.

These agendas are also expected to contribute to the development of research and innovation activities, contributing to finding answers to the problems or needs of different sectors of society.