Posidonia Green Festival
Barcelona, Spain | 11-13 Oct 2019

POSIDONIA GREEN PROJECT is an international no profit association which promotes the ecologic culture respecting the environment through events, initiatives, awareness and communication campaigns.  Posidonia Green Project  supports the idea of balance between economic environment, social well- being and environmental protection. The project, is the development of all the activites linked to the Posidonia Festival, annual event developed since 2008 in three Mediterranean places between Italy and Spain.

In recent years, humans have changed the planet to satisfy their growing requests for food, water, raw materials, and energy, generating a loss of biodiversity and altering humanity’s vital ecosystems.

In Posidonia Green Project we believe that thanks to radical changes in our lifestyle and an active participation in all the society sectors, it is still possible to find a balance between the economic development, social wellness and environmental protection.

POSIDONIA GREEN FESTIVAL is an international Eco-Festival of Art, Environment and Sustainable Development. It´s a space for dissemination of knowledge and practices that promote the protection of the natural coastal environment and, at the same time, an opportunity for sustainable developmentculture and tourism.

A laboratory for sustainable solutions for the tourism sector that creates a field of experimentation, reflection and promotion. It connects, in an innovative way, the world of the ecology, sustainable development and art.

An event conceived and producted according to the environmental sustainability.