Ocean Science Day 2019 – Ocean Science for Sustainable Development: Investing in the Ocean/Human Future
27 Jun 2019 | Paris, France

The UNESCO-IOC (EurOcean Cooperating Member) would like to invite Member States and partner organizations to attend Ocean Science Day 2019, which is proposed for the morning of Thursday June 27, 2019, within the schedule of the 30th  Session of the IOC Assembly. 

The IOC organized the first Ocean Science Day in 2015, just prior to the 28th session of the IOC Assembly, to provide an opportunity to bridge global science with the specific needs of Member States by focusing on emerging or as yet unresolved issues that require international collaboration in marine science and technology, emphasizing the need for new ocean science and technology developments to meet societal needs.

Further sessions of Ocean Science Day provide an opportunity to continue highlighting the relevance of ocean science for the sustainability of our planet by providing a platform for scientists and decision- makers to engage in a mutually reinforcing dialogue. In this spirit, Ocean Science Day 2019 will focus on the following themes, which reflect the three first strategic objectives of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development: Filling Gaps in Current Knowledge; Knowledge on Multiple Ocean Stressors for Ecosystem-based Management; and Ocean Science for Saving Lives.

The above-mentioned topics will be discussed at Ocean Science Day in the form of two round tables attended by invited distinguished scientists, policymakers and representatives of other stakeholder groups, including the Youth: Round Table 1 on Science Imperatives; and Round Table 2 on Science for Society. At the event, panel conversations and interaction with the audience will be facilitated by a moderator. The Chair of IOC will open Ocean Science day 2019.

Ocean Science Day 2019 will be open to the general public, beyond representative of IOC Member States and the Permanent Delegations of Member States to UNESCO. A statement addressed to the general public is to be generated at the conclusion of the event.

The above-described objectives and structure of Ocean Science Day 2019 have been approved by the Officers of the Commission, who also encouraged that the IOC Secretariat invites Member States to express an interest in providing financial support to the organization of Ocean Science Day.

To this end, as well as in the case that you have any question regarding the event, please contact Dr Salvatore Aricò, Head of the Ocean Science section of IOC-UNESCO at