EMODnet — Ingestion and Safe-Keeping of Marine Data
Funding Mechanism: EASME Tender | Deadline: 23 Apr 2019 16:00:00 CET

The aim of this contract is to maintain an operational service to facilitate and streamline the process whereby marine data from whatever source (including national monitoring programmes, research projects and private companies) is delivered on a voluntary basis for safekeeping to data repositories from where it can be freely disseminated.

The Contractor is requested to:

Task 1: Maintain and further develop a web portal following common EMODnet guidelines for layout and structure;

Task 2: Implement pathways for delivering data to final repositories;

Task 3: Facilitate machine-to-machine transfers;

Task 4: Operate a help-service for users to provide their data in the most appropriate format;

Task 5: Allow providers of data to track the progress of their data from submission through to their storage in a repository;

Task 6: Include a "data wanted" function that allows users seeking certain types of information to specify their needs;

Task 7: Participate in discussions with EMODnet partners in order to improve the efficiency of the whole collection, assembly and dissemination process;

Task 8: Maintain a summary record of data delivered;

Task 9: Engage in outreach activities towards significant holders of marine data whose data are not already available;

Task 10: Service continuity.

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