Bringing the Ocean to Society
7 Mar 2019
A safety net for sea turtles
How is the EU helping to protect our marine ecosystems.

Sea turtles have inhabited Earth for around 100 million years and are vital to the health of our seas. The EU is supporting researchers from across the continent to track their movements and protect creatures that are increasingly under threat.

In the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas, sea turtles play a vital role in marine ecosystems. They help maintain healthy sea grass beds and transport essential nutrients to the shore. These majestic creatures have always been vulnerable to predators, but today’s threats come in the form of fishing nets, boat propellers and pollution. 

Researchers, NGOs and volunteers across Europe are working hard to protect sea turtles – together they monitor and raise awareness about sea turtle populations and intervene when they are in danger. 

As Andreas Demetropoulos from the Cyprus Wildlife Society stated "sea turtle conservation is about preserving this endangered species and its critical role in the healthy marine ecosystems we all depend on". His colleague Paolo Casal from the Univesristy of Pisa adds that "you cannot protect the turtle population without understanding their movements".

EU funding for sea turtle conservation is about protecting the future of our seas and our planet. Learn more about this initiative and people behind here.